• Instructor Orientation

    Respond Right Instructor Orientation

    The intent of the Instructor Orientation program is to provide an orientation for the candidate to Respond Right Asia Philosophies, Policies, Training Standards, Educational systems, and Skills required in the Respond Right Asia training programs.

    Prerequisites are:
    Be an active First Aid Instructor with an authorized First Aid training organization and have had no ethics or Standards violation pending or any verified ethics or Standards violations in the past 12 months with Respond Right Asia or any other training organization.
    – OR –
    If the candidate has not been active with a First Aid training organization, the candidate is required to provide proof of non renewal, which states that no ethics actions have been taken or are pending.

    Certification and Active Status Requirements:

    • Maintain proof of current training in First Aid and CPR (for Level 1 & 2 Instructor)
    • Maintain proof of current training in the emergency administration of o2. This shall include knowledge of the medical principles involved and practical use of an emergency o2 unit (for Level 2 Instructors)
    • Both above is needed for an Instructor Trainer crossover (Level 3 Instructor)
    • Display leadership attitude as well as pass all requirements as listed in the program curriculum.
    • Comply with all renewal procedures every two (2) years.
    • Maintain Professional Liability Insurance (where applicable).
    • Work through an active Respond Right Asia Training Centre or Respond Right Asia Training Resort.
    • SSI React Right, Basic EFR, SDI First Aid Instructors can cross over to Respond Right Asia Instructor Level 1
    • DAN and NAUI* First Aid Instructors can cross over to Respond Right Asia Instructor Level 2
    • * DAN and NAUI normally include O2 Administration in their courses, but must be verified by the Instructor Trainer conducting the crossover.