• Provide BELS | Refresher Course – 4 Hours

    Provide BELS | Refresher Course – 4 Hours This course is applicable for those wanting to recertify Apply first aid or upgrade Provide first aid and also people who have completed the Provide first aid. 

    If you are recertifying, this course will update the skills and knowledge gained (within the previous 2 years) and revise First Aid procedures.  It will also inform you of the changes in your previous course. If you have completed course theory online, this one day course will provide you with the practical training necessary to complete the Provide first aid course and receive a nationally recognized Statement of Attainment.

    Revise First Aid procedures for
    – Chain of survival
    – Assessing the situation
    – Basic life support – DRSABCD
    – Provive CPR Adult child & infant
    – CPR in special circumstances
    – Demonstrating the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED)
    – Demostrate – Provide Basic O2
    – Care of the unconscious person
    – Special techniques for children and infants
    – Breathing emergencies including choking and asthma
    – Treatment for Shock
    – Severe allergic reaction
    – Bleeding and wound care
    – Infection control

     Depending on the expiry date of the Respond Right Asia First Aid course, if not more than 1 month expired a minimum of 4 hrs training should be delivered. If more than 3 months expiry, the full course should be told. Instructors are responsible to make sure all skills are up to date after the refresher course.

    If the refresher is taught to a provider from a different agency the Trainer must make sure the participant has the proper knowledge of the Respond Right Asia First Aid course in both academic and practical applications.

    **Please note it is a requirement of this course that practical demonstration of CPR must be performed on the floor.**

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