Respond Right Asia Mission

Respond Right Asia

Our Vision

  • RRA Vision statement outlines the value that guides the company and its Instructor Trainers and Trainers.
  • RRA Company Vision is comprised of three elements: our mission, our values and our vision of the future.

respond right asia mission

RRA’s Mission

  • Our mission is to make a difference by caring for people in need.

RRA’s Values

  • Client Focused … Certification issued by Inspired excellent in Training

RRA’s Vision of the Future

By following our mission and values, RRA envisions a future that includes the following:

  • RRA is one of Asia most admired companies because of the pride of its Instructors, its loyal customers and its financial success.
  • RRA Instructors are trusted experts, empowered to serve people with compassionate care and innovative solutions.
  • RRA is a strong, dependable community partner. Our students / clients count on and appreciate our reliability, the quality of training we provide, our dedication to relationships that benefit all and the efficiency with which we operate.

Living the RRA Mission

RRA’s professionals breathe life into our mission and core values every day, providing excellent training and tuitions, contributing to their communities, making a difference for First Responders across Asia.

Clients and communities experience peace of mind knowing RRA professionals are ready to train & serve when needed.