Provide Advanced First Aid

Provide Advanced First Aid | 2 Day course

Provide Advanced First AidThis unit builds on Provide First Aid and includes additional skills and use of a range of additional equipment. This unit is assessed after your achievement of  Provide First Aid and incorporates the content of Provide Advanced Resuscitation Techniques as required for all Professional Dive Leaders


Course Description
This 2-Day Provide Advanced First Aid and Provide Advanced Resuscitation training course builds on the Senior First Aid and Resuscitation course by incorporating advanced first aid techniques, more advanced monitoring techniques, resuscitation and use of a defibrillatorDuring the course demonstrate the following techniques:
- Checking for response and normal breathing
- Recognising abnormal breathing
- Opening and clearing the airway
- Using correct hand location, compression depth rate in line with the ARC recommended ratio of compressions and ventilations
- Acting in the event of regurgitation or vomiting
- Following single rescuer procedure, including the demonstration of a rotation of operators with minimal interruptions to compressions
- Following two rescuer procedure, as both the ventilator and the compressor
- Activated and followed the prompts of an AED
- Conducted a secondary survey, including checking pulse of at least one person and recording pulse rate

Provide first aid procedures for the following:
- Chain of survival
- Assessing the situation
- Basic Life Support (DRSABCD)
- Providing CPR
- Operate an AED in a Emergency
- Shock Management
- Airway Management - Asthma, Choking, Hyperventilation
- Severe Allergic Reaction
- Cardiac Emergencies
- Care of the unconscious person
- Special techniques for children and infants
- Seizures and Convulsions
- Bleeding and Wound Care
- Burns and Scalds
- Extremes of Heat and Cold Musculoskeletal Injuries
- Poisons and Toxic Substances
- Bites and Stings
- Abdominal injuries
- Infection control

Demonstrated correct usage of the following devices:
- Cervical collars
- Spinal board
- Back boards
- Stretchers

Communicated effectively with a first aid team including:
- Direction and coordination of other first aiders
- Post-incident debrief and evaluation
- Provided an accurate verbal report of the incident
- Completed a written incident report

Responded to at least three simulated emergency scenarios contextualised to the candidate’s workplace/community setting

legal, workplace or community considerations including:
- Awareness of potential need for stress-management techniques and available support following an emergency situation
- Duty of care requirements
- Respectful behaviour towards a casualty
- Own skills and limitations
- Consent
- Capabilities of emergency management services
- Privacy and confidentiality requirements
- Importance of debriefing
*Please note: It is a requirement for this course that the practical demonstration of CPR must be performed on the floor.**